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About Me

I was born and raised in Munich. As a girl scout I found myself working with difficult  children since I had some special kind of connection, an ability to get through to them. This  is where my work started unknowingly.  I am no stranger to change. My parents went back to studying wanting to redirect their  careers when I was a 9 year old school kid. Learning for exams side-by-side with my  parents was a fun and rewarding experience. It taught me that you are never too old to  change your path. My parents wanted me to have a better start into work life, so they  worked extremely hard - sometimes managing 2 jobs at a time so as to ensure the family  income. In the meantime, I enjoyed and learned from various babysitters (aunts, uncles,  friends & grandparents) and was taught to stand on my own 2 feet early on in life, capable  of dealing with a variety of personalities and situations flexibly.  My dearest friend during childhood and early adulthood was Berry, someone who always  understood me and was a great listener. My cherished dog had a huge heart and his own  mind and I consider myself blessed to have him accompany me for 15 precious years …   The Inukshuk symbol means a lot to me. It represents my strong bond with Canada, a  phantastic country in wich I had the privilige to live for over 6 years. Originally, the  Inukshuk served the “First Nations” as a tool used to help navigation in the Arctica and was  therefore put up at different places as a visual landmark. For me the Inukshuk is also a  symbol to help us with our inward journey to ourselves and our inner landscape. In this  sense it shows me and my clients the way home. I also very much enjoy hiking, traveling and eating a lot more chocolate than the average  human.  
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