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Career & Development

I studied International Management, living, working and studying across the  globe: in Germany, France and Canada. With my MBA in the bag, I left to  build a life from scratch overseas. In Toronto, I started out at the German  Canadian Chamber of Industry and Commerce as a Business Development  Manager and worked for 4 years at Miele Canada as Product Manager, having  several major product categories under my belt, managing various projects.  Everything that had to do with understanding people and relationships, the  way they think and are had been my secret passion for over 2 decades,  studying it intensively. Intra- and intercultural communication and social skills  along with my English, French and business skills were extremely beneficial in  my business relationships. I have always looked for better ways to  communicate, for better ways to ease communication flow. Leading presentations and trainings in a fun, interactive and interesting way  became my signature, and my way was extremely well received and  appraised at work! “A not boring product presentation or training for a  change.”   Using my business knowledge, cultural experience and meditation together  with my communication skills combining it into a mix to help people see the  world anew with a zest for life.  Since, I have lead several workshops and trainings on mindfulness &  meditation as well as worked successfully with clients in indivdual settings.
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Sabrina Blau MBA, International Management Certified MBSR teacher Licenced to work psychotherapeutically in Germany (“Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie “) Life stages: Consultant, MBSR teacher and mindfulness trainner   1/2 years of psychological and psychotherapeutic training at the ZfN 1 1/2 -year training to MBSR teacher at the I.A.S. (institute for mindfulness and stress reduction) Product Manager in Toronto, Canada Business Development Manager in Toronto, Canada Studies "International management" in Germany, France and Canada Co-founder of Hofer Consulting Group (HCG) - (an association in which students consult regional SMEs with foreign market entry strageties)