"For a long time it seemed as if life would soon begin - real life! But there were still some obstacles in the way: some things which had to be dealt with first, a debt that was not yet paid ... then real life would begin. Finally it dawned on me that these obstacles are life.” MBSR participant (adapted from “Stress bewältigen mit Achtsamkeit”, Dr. Linda Lehrhaupt / Petra Meibert)
Quote of the Month "There are two ways to live your life: One is like nothing is a miracle. The other is like everything is a miracle. I believe in the latter." Albert Einstein   Thought of the Month To Do’s for today: 1. “Exhale” - 2. “Inhale” - 3. “Exhale” - Ahhh!   MBSR@WIKIPEDIA
AchtsamkeitsCenter will teach you to help yourself through MBSR - Mindfulness- based stress reduction and prevent burn-out show you how to deal with stress and other difficult situations increase your health as well as your self-healing abilities enhance your quality of life and vitality Based on your individual needs, I offer mindfulness and MBSR through: group training, workshops, individual coaching in-house training for companies MBSR and mindfulness trainings in English & German
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