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Gelassenheit - Bewusstsein - Lebensqualität
Trainings My trainings include mindfulness & MBSR in various formats: For individuals MBSR-courses MBSR introduction MBSR taster Intensive trainings Day of Mindfulness Individual trainings Mindfulness meditation For businesses In-house MBSR trainings Individual MBSR coaching for managers Resiliency and copmetence training for managers Mindfulness Retreat @work Mindful lunch break Minduflness @work Seminars & workshops Lectures
MBSR  MBSR is being recognised as one of the best programmes to reduce stress and prevent burn-out worldwide. 1
MBSR... A way to greater health, vitality and mindfulness in everyday life: Improving one‘s concentration and ability to relax Being able to more effectively deal with stressful situations at home and at work Deacreasing stress-related physical symptoms and psychological distress Increasing self-acceptance and self-confidence Activating and improving one‘s own self-healing capabilities Increasing zest for life, vitality and well-being
MBSR... A training for people, who... feel great time- and performance pressure feel overwhelmed or exhausted look for ways to being able to better handle their personal or work-related stress suffer from acute or chronic diseases or pain suffer from stress-related syptoms such as hypertension, sleeping disorders, anxiety, migranes, restlessness, etc. want to complement their medical or psychological therapy want to sustain or improve their health and self-healing capabilites want to experience a greater sense of equanimity, tranquility and zest for life
MBSR...that’s what WIKIPEDIA says about it... MSBR @ WIKIPEDIA
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Equanimity - Awareness - Quality of Life

The MBSR programme has been developed by Prof. Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn at the

Stress Reduction Clinic, University of Massaschusetts (USA) in the 1970s.

Over 30 years of scientific research suggest that MBSR decreases medical symptoms & psychological distress. This systematical training in mindfulness promotes health, reduces stress and increases overall well-being.

About MBSR