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Living Mindfully & Meditation

Daily meditation has become a source for my inspiration and desire to grow even  further. Fascinated with studies from Buddhist monks who’ve meditated for a very  long time, able to change brain areas in the tube that were not considered possible  before, leading to the development of neuroscience and my interest to try it out on  my own. Since then, there have been many representative studies even on “normal”  people who were able to change their brain patterns within as short as 8 weeks with  lasting results through mindfulness meditation. (see MBSR)  While contemplating another change of life style seriously with all side effects, I  drank tea one day – with a “wisdom” tea bag: the tea bag holder piece had written  on it: “wir können immer noch einmal beginnen!” “we can always begin again”. I kept  this little piece of paper as a reminder of this truth. Every moment, every in breath  can be and actually is a new beginning.
Meditation & Mindfulness Neuroplasticity proves that "an old dog can learn new tricks". Since then there have been many representative studies carried out on "normal" people who could actively and sustainably influence and change their brain patterns through mindfuless meditation in the course of only 8 weeks (see MBSR).
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